School Banking

School Banking

Welcome Back to Another Year of School Banking

School Banking is every Friday morning in the Office between 8.00am – 9.00am.

The purpose is to encourage students to become aware of how to save. Students are encouraged to make regular deposits and it is more about the frequency rather than the size of the deposit.

For every deposit made at school, no matter how big or small, students will receive a cool Dollarmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can then be redeemed for a range of great, exclusive reward items in recognition of their continued savings behaviour.

School Banking accounts can be opened at any Commonwealth Bank branch. You no longer need to complete application forms and return them to school. Just go into any branch and ask to open a Youthsaver account for School Banking. Remember to take in identification for you and your child (such as drivers license and birth certificate), you will receive a Dollarmites wallet and deposit book on the spot and be able to start banking on the next business day – it is that easy!

Rewards Program

To help reward individual savings efforts, every time a student makes a deposit into their Youthsaver account through School Banking, they’ll receive a silver Dollarmites token.

Once they’ve collected 10 tokens, they can redeem them for one of our exciting reward items. Two items are made available each term. Students also receive a certificate when they reach certain savings milestones.

2019 reward items

Super savers rewards are a great way to keep children motivated and demonstrate the value of saving. The rewards are released throughout the year.

  • Save & Exit Scented Stackable Highlighters – Term 1
  • Snowy Origami Set – Term 1
  • Icicle Slapband Ruler – Term 2
  • Yeti Fluffy Notebook – Term 2
  • Arctic Owl Fluffy Keyringl – Term 3
  • Scratch Art Cards – Term 3
  • Water Skimming Bounce Ball – Term 4
  • Polar Pencils & Pencil Toppers – Term 4

To redeem a reward, students must cut out the corresponding coupon from the Rewards Card and hand it in at school along with their 10 silver Dollarmites tokens.