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Our Vision

Calista Primary School is an exceptional educational institution that caters for all students’ academic, physical and social needs. Students develop intrinsic self-esteem and self-worth through social development and academic achievement.

At Calista, every child matters every day and all children can be high achievers.

All decisions made by the school and staff are in the interest of improving student outcomes.

The best educational opportunities for children arise from open, accountable and honest communication which is a shared responsibility between the staff, parents, children, and the local community.

We believe children learn best when:

  • Their social, emotional, physical and learning needs are catered for and they feel safe, valued and supported by the school community.
  • The learning environment is relevant, purposeful, engaging and inclusive.
  • Behavioural guidelines are fair, consistent and established using a whole school approach.
  • Staff are motivated, skilled and supported by colleagues, parents and administration.
  • Home and school have a commonly understood purpose and share responsibility for the children’s actions, attitudes, and well-being.